Azeneth Sabrok Bio

Name : Azeneth Sabrok
Ska : TS Azeneth, Diva Azeneth
Fob : 1988
Height :
Measurements: 38FF-24-38
Hair : Blonde
Eyes : Blue
Ethnicity: White

Official site : TS Azeneth
Biography : Hi guys! My name is Azeneth and I as you probably noticed by my photos, I am a shemale. With my size tits and cock, that is hard to miss, isn't it? I was born in Mexico from a long line of Europeans settled in the North of Mexico. After a very happy childhood and quite a wild adolescence, I started out in the adult world about 3 years ago, and ever since I have become quite popular among fans who love a girl with all the right curves and all the extra parts. I had already done a few hundred videos and photo sets, when nearly a year ago I was approached by another shemale who asked me if I was interested in having my own website. I was immediately interested and quite excited, and of course, I said yes! It was difficult, though, to coordinate my traveling and personal obligations with doing the photoshoots and filming the videos, so this took a little longer than we had originally thought. But I finally had it done, and here it I am, with my own official website: a dream cum true! But enough about my site, let's talk a little about me. After all, this page is called "About Me" :) I am 25 years old (really 25!), very sensual, creative and a little wild! I love to do things that are different, like skydiving, ice skating and most of all, traveling to exotic places. I have traveled to more than 50 countries so far, and the list is still growing, so watch out! I may pop in your city/country very soon. I went to college to become a museum curator, but after two years of art history, frames, canvas and what not, I realized that it just wasn't for me, so one day I got up and decided to fully transform myself into the woman you see now, so that I could reach my true potential. As you can see, now I am all glamour from head to toe and I enjoy every second of my life as a woman. I currently live with my 2 dogs (a German Shepherd and a Pitbull), whom I love like my babies. I also love reading and shopping, and at night, I always dress up in my sexiest lingerie and high heels, in case there is action in the horizon ;) Other than that, I am a pretty normal person, except for my incredible curves, that really stand out of the norm!
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Sexual Orientation : Straight


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